Jeff Wingard: On Being A Student & Success

Jeff Wingard has been a strong supporter of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College for many years. He has been serving on the College’s Board of Trustees for over five years, and before that, he was a part of the College as a non-traditional student. Being an alumni of Pennsylvania Highlands encouraged Jeff to give back to the College, and the community, by serving on the College’s Board.

According to Jeff, Pennsylvania Highlands can be summed up in two words: success and affordability. He feels that the College cultivates an environment of success based on its ability to connect with each and every student. At larger, four-year institutions, he recognizes that you are often considered just a number. However, you matter at Pennsylvania Highlands. Jeff reiterates, “Pennsylvania Highlands is geared to make sure that every student succeeds.”

Jeff first came to the College at the age of 39 as a non-traditional student. From his experience as an older student, he wants people to not be afraid of going back to college and earning their education. He reflects on his time as a student by discussing how different life experiences can help adult students relate a bit more to the classroom material, helping them build confidence and gain self-esteem.

Jeff wants people to know that if they decide to join the Pennsylvania Highlands’ family, they are connecting with something extraordinary. “Everyone wants to be a part of something good, something special. The College here is special. I believe its growing in the right direction.”