Joe Mangarella: Discussing Success

Joe Mangarella has been an integral part of Pennsylvania Highlands Community College ever since it opened its doors back in 1994. Since the College’s inception, Joe has served on the College’s Board of Trustees, and in the capacity of Board Chairman on three separate occasions.

Not only is Joe a big part of the College, but his two sons benefited from what the College had to offer by taking courses at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. One of his son’s graduated in 2000, eventually moving on to obtaining his master’s degree and working in Harrisburg, PA.

Mr. Mangarella likes to put emphasis on the fact that not only Pennsylvania Highlands, but that all community colleges are places for everyone, both traditional and non-traditional students alike. His son that graduated from the College did so at age 35, highlighting that Pennsylvania Highlands is a comforting place academically for people of all ages and backgrounds.

“During Commencement you look into the faces of the graduates and think how many of those individuals may never have even thought they were capable of succeeding in post-secondary education,” stated Joe Mangarella on the opportunity that attending a community college like Pennsylvania Highlands provides.

Joe wants everyone to know one critical thing about Pennsylvania Highlands: the College leads people to success. “Our students are better because we are here. Our faculty, our staff, and our administration are committed to having students succeed. And when students do, it is a reflection of our institution. We succeed because of them.”