Yvette Madison: Seeing Others Succeed

Yvette Madison has been helping to guide students at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College since the spring of 2003, and becoming a full-time faculty member in the fall of 2004. As an Associate Professor of Human Services, Yvette interacts with students on a daily basis, helping to lead them and provide them with a voice.

Yvette Madison has been with Pennsylvania Highlands Community College for over 10 years now. Why? Part of the reason is because she loves the interaction and ability to work with her colleagues throughout the College. She views Pennsylvania Highlands as a close-knit family, and that closeness flows over to the students. Everyone that is a part of the College, including faculty, staff, and students alike, all matter and it shows. “We take pride in the services we provide,” commented Yvette.

When talking about her students, Yvette couldn’t hide her smile of pride, “I see the students that we work with here as valuable assets to not only the community college, but to the community at large.” She continues, “And I see my role with our students is to empower them to make sure they have the understanding that they can make a difference in whatever they do.”

When asked about what some of her favorite things are, Yvette went on to talk about graduation. Graduation is her favorite time of the year because she loves to see students take pride in the successes that they have achieved.